Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order amount required for delivery?

Yes, the minimum order amount required for delivery is 1000 KES.

Do I need to pay for delivery?

Yes. The cost for delivery is 150 KES.

When are your opening times?

Please see our Store Locator page

How long does it take you to deliver pizza?

Your pizza usually arrives at your door in about 40 minutes.

Why can’t you deliver to my house?

We cannot deliver to your house because you live outside of your nearest store delivery zone. Why not order for takeout instead!

Why do I need to enter my address before I place an order?

We need to make sure that we can deliver to your area before you select your food.

Are the prices different on the paper menu to online?

No, prices on our paper menu and online are the same.

Do you accept a cash payment?

No, we do not accept a cash payment.

Do you accept credit cards?